A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

What?!?! A book that has not been made into a movie/TV Show/ video game you say? Two posts in one day?!?!?!? What is this madness?
Three  things prior to my thoughts on the book:
– Happy 2017!
– Originally I did not intend to do book reviews in my blog in the traditional sense, but it would appear that my update rate has somewhat diminished – obviously a blog elf is stealing my posts – and to be quite honest anything that forces me to write is most welcome.
– Yes, this is indeed a book that I is yet to be adapted to another medium. Something quite unusual, but then again accidents happen so back off!
I bought “A Confederacy of Dunces” on abebooks. I bundled it with “Red Dragon/Silence of the Lambs” to decrease the shipping whilst savoring the orgasmic rush of saving 14 cents per book  using the summer discount voucher – I also bought The Martian and Contact from another vendor – . This is the last book I read in 2016. I finished it on the 31st of December (in the train back from the mountain side).
I bought the book on summer but honestly I had not felt like reading it. I knew little about it other than it won the Pulitzer and that the author John Kennedy Toole killed himself. Having just read Red Dragon (and liking it, but wanting to space out Silence of the Lambs just to spice things up – I know I’m a madman -) I chose “Dunces” instead of Dracula, Starship Troopers and What Dreams May Come.
Note to Penguin Books: I’d like to keep my eyes until I grow old and grey so please: USE A BIGGER FONT


Oh! Right! I actually have to talk about the book itself!
It is extremely well written. Smart and absurd. Ignatius J.Reilly is an interesting character: intelligent but not very smart, lazy, fat, revolting and ultimately frustrating, and yet you still want to know what is next for him. He is the pebble in a pond (the pond being a large array of colorful characters living in New Orleans ) and the novel narrates the ripples that it (he) causes. After I finished the book I read that, when the author was trying to get the book published, one of the people he submitted it to kept mentioning that the novel had to have a point and that he should revisit the book to fix it; the threads were loose and it wasn’t enough to resolve them in a clever way if said point was not established. I also read that the final novel that saw the light of the day was one of his unedited versions without said corrections.
I would agree that the novel has no point, but I disagree that a point was necessary to begin with. I did not feel that the author did not know where he was going with the story or that he was aimless. The seams were well hidden and when I reached the end I was satisfied just for reading the exploits of an outrageous character, although I feel that I may have enjoyed the book even more if I was in the right mood.
So first book review. The first of many I hope.
P.S: on Thursday I bought The Colour of Magic for 2€ in a fairly good condition. That made me happy. What a simple creature I can be.

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